Budgie colds

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17-Apr-2007 17:16

Birds are susceptible to an avian cold virus. If not treated the condition could develop into another condition, especially pneumonia.

They can not catch a cold from a human being but they can get sick from our salvia or salvia from other animals. So sharing food that you bit into or giving kisses directly on the beak is not recommended.

Symptoms: Nasal discharge, sneezing, listlessness, difficulty breathing, lack of appetite, eyes watery, feathers ruffled, tail pumping when breathing.

Treatment: Isolate the bird from the flock and place in a warm cage with temperature at 80 to 85 degrees F. Apply inhalant to keep nasal passages clear. Monitor that the bird is continuing to eat. Aureomycin will sometimes help but is not always effective.

Make an appointment with your Avian Vet.  Finding an Avian Vet

Respiratory infections are not always detected.  Budgies are masters at hiding their illness until it is too late.  Always observe your budgies habits on a daily basis such as eating, respiratory, activity level, you can check your budgie over with your eyes by looking at nasal passages, their dropping, eating behavior and more. 

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