How to pull a broken blood feather

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24-Feb-2011 18:24

You will need forceps (tweezers) to pull out the remains of broken blood feathers. Support the wing or limb carefully, locate the broken and bleeding feather. Using the forceps, get a good grip around the base of that feather and pull it out in the direction of growth. Use  white pepper for any bleeding. Once the feather is pulled, generally the bleeding stops and further damage is avoided. If you do not feel comfortable doing this please call your Avian Vet ASAP. A small amount of blood loss in budgies can be fatal.

Birds can tolerate a 30% loss of the blood volume, 2% of their body weight, before they show subsequent distress. Birds are very efficient in stabilizing their blood pressure after blood loss. They are able to do this by moving fluid from inside tissues (interstial fluid) into vascular spaces (vessels) and arteriolar vasoconstriction (reduction in diameter of vessels).

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