Signs of a sick budgie

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17-Apr-2007 17:14

The are many common illnesses that affect budgies, all of which have similar symptoms. Take your budgie to see an Avian Vet if you are concerned about any changes in behaviour or you notice any of the following signs:

  • Decreased appetite; weight loss
  • Decreased activity and grooming behavior
  • Change in consistency or coloring of dropping in excess of two days
  • Sitting at the bottom of the cage; unable to perch
  • Discharge from nose or mouth; sneezing
  • Feathers fluffed for prolonged periods of time
  • Your budgie sits quietly in the corner or on the floor of the cage.
  • Your budgie sleeps a lot during the day.
  • Your budgie has been sick or is regurgitating very violently.(Regurgitation is an up and down movement. Vomiting is a sideways shaking of the head ) Reguritation vs Vomiting
  • You notice any swelling, lumps, blood or limping.

There are many different signs that your budgie may be sick call your Avian Vet immediately.  Budgies do mask their illness and have been known to bounce back for a short time and then they relapse and it may be too late.  Don't take chances your Avian Vet can test for many different illness.  If you are concerned about charges ask them for an estimate up-front and be honest with them. 

Many Avian Vet do understand.  Always ask. Finding an Avian Vet

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