Should I purchase one or two budgies?

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19-Feb-2008 08:46

When purchasing your first budgie, it is best to get just one. This will make taming much much easier as two budgies are more likely to bond to each other instead of you. Once you have the first budgie tame, you can decide whether or not a second budgie is a good idea.

Budgies are extremely social creatures and in the wild they would live in massive flocks. If you have less than a few hours to devote to your budgie every day, getting a friend for him may be a good idea. Here are some very important things to remember when you're thinking of adding another budgie to your family:

  • Any new bird must be quarantined for at least 30 days before having contact with your existing bird(s). This means keeping it in a separate room as well as a separate cage and making sure that no contact is made with the other bird. Always wash your hands and change any clothing that has come in contact with the new bird before handling the original one. Quarantine Program
  • It is possible that your new bird and original bird will not get along. Always plan ahead for the fact that you might end up having to keep the two birds separate permanently. They may still enjoy each other's company during out of cage time or they may just have to chatter back and forth from one cage to the other. You might have to alternate which bird is out of the cage which is a bit more work for you.
  • Another bird means another expense as far as extra food, toys, cage, vet bills, etc.
  • Two males often get along better than a male and female or female and female. Females tend to be more bossy and aggressive toward other budgies.

The quarantine period is a great time to tame your new bird so that when you introduce it to the other, they don't ignore you completely. It's impossible to predict just how much your relationship with the first budgie will change once he/she has a friend but if both birds are tame and comfortable with you, you have a much greater chance of them choosing to interact with you as a member of their flock.

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