Is a budgie right for our home?

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17-Apr-2007 17:11

Answer these questions to find out if a budgie is the perfect pet for your family.

I am prepared to care for a bird that as a potential life span of approximately 10-15 years plus.

Can you give her/him 60 minutes or more daily of attention. Do know that budgies are social and enjoy interacting with their families as much as possible.  They will be lonely if left all day to fend on their own.  You may consider a 2nd budgie Should I purchase one or two budgies? and another good read I have been thinking about getting a second budgie, is this a good idea? this information can help you decide.

Can you commit to cleaning up after a pet that tends to be fairly messy.  Budgies are messy eaters and will get seed all over the place including outside of the cage.  You will need to wash the water container daily to avoid bacteria build up along with blowing off the empty huskys from the seed container. 

I am happy with a pet that may be noisy, even early in the morning. Budgies can tend to get noisy, that is their nature, and the more budgies you have together the more the noise level increases Do know that they are birds and enjoy singing at the crack of dawn so a cover to darken their cage is suggested.

I understand that budgies do moult" to Am I prepared for my budgies to moult every 3 - 4 months and that they do drop a lot of feathers during this time.  Even when they are not molting they still drop feathers.  If you are allergic or a family member is allergic to pets you will need to reconsider.

If you answered yes to all of the above a budgie may just be the perfect family pet for you.  Your next step is What should I look for in a good healthy Budgerigar?

Budgies are very smart and easily trained when given the patience and attention.  You should teach your "pet" budgie to step up and step down this makes it easier when you are putting them back in their cage.  Budgies are friendly, have wonderful personalities and are the most popular companion bird. With their raspy voices, male budgies (and even some females) can sometimes learn to talk.

Always supervise your budgie if you have children, pets and unfamilar guests so no harm comes to your budgie (s). Click here  Pet Proofing Checklist

Ensure that you have an avian vet already handy for a general check-up or if your budgie needs immediate treatment. Finding an Avian Vet

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