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I’m Lost On How To Use This Website. New Budgie Owner

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Hey everyone.  I had budgies when I was a kid.  I’m 54 yrs old now. My Mom was given this budgie 5 yrs ago. She passed October 2015.  I inherited him. He was bought from Petco. 

Growing up we had 2 budgies. Both purchased from a breeder. So they were hand held. This one I couldn’t and can’t touch. But,,,, he’s smarter than any bird I had.  He talks non-stop.  He’s learned what to say when he wants to come out. He recognizes voices when he can’t see them. He’s a very smart bird.  I love him. Hes actually my buddy. I give him baths at the sink. We watch tv together.  My question for someone to help me.  

I used to have the sand grit at the bottom of the cage.  This time I didn’t do it. But I see him picking at the sandpaper I have around his perch sticks.  I bought the sand paper sheets for the bottom of the cage.  And I bought the Avian Grit plus. He  immediately  Went down to the bottom of the cage and started to eat the grit.  Then I read that’s not good for him. I don’t know what to do. Can anyone give advice. I want to help him.  But I don’t want to kill him. From what I read. My email is Seagainee@ aol.com.  Just Incase this site doesn’t work. Just put “ help Corky” in the subject so that know it’s real.  Thanks.  

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I'm a new budgie owner too so I might not be completely right about this, but I have one budgie who chews the sandpaper around one perch. He chews all the other perches too and the food cups. So your budgie chewing the sandpaper might not be about wanting sand, it could be chewing for fun. I also have grit in the cage, the birds aren't really interested in it though so I haven't taken it away after discovering that it might be harmful, if they're eating it at all they're not eating large enough amount to be useful. I've read that budgies can try to replace their nutrition with grit if they're not getting enough food, could it be that? If he's eating a lot of the grit I would take the grit away and only give small amounts (it may or may not be useful but in small amounts it shouldn't be harmful, either).

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