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How Do I Tame My Two Budgies??

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Hello! I have two budgies, one male and one female. I have had them for over a year and they live in a very large cage (double critter nation). I rescued Elliott (my male) in December of 2016 from a bad situation. I realized that he was lonely and decided to get Olive (my female) when he was only partially tame (which was a mistake). They are now inseparable and I do not know how to tame them together. I can not separate them because Olive has anxiety and she freaks out when they are seperated, even by the bars  of their cage. I have also tried using Miller but Olive is very afraid of my hand. I am not sure if I should clip their wings (but I am stongly against taking away their freedom of flight so...)??? What should I do???

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instead of millet, use whatever your budgies favorite food is. is Olive is still afraid, take a some time to train it step by step (my budgie Sky stepped up the second day of getting her by this strategy of getting used to first)

1. stroke or touch the cage in some way . if the budgie runs away, stay where you are and don't touch your budgie through the bars of the cage because this may frighten them .

2. put your hand closer to the budgie. if it runs, go back to step 1. 

3. once you went through steps 1 and 2, put your hand on the bottom of the cage. 

4. move it on to a perch closer to the budgie 

5. put it on the same perch as the budgie. if it flies away, go back some steps or start over

6. place your hand even closer to the budgie

7. place your hand right next to the budgie ,close enough to touch it. 

8. place your hand near the middle of the budgie. it may nibble or bite it, but don't make sudden movements, as they might frighten the bird. 

9 use food to lure the budgie away from the perch and onto your hand

10. practice a several times each day, and your budgie may step up, or at least not to be afraid of your hand. 

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I explained a one week process here.

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