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Deformed Budgies

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Hi all im new here. Iv just got into breeding budgies again for a hobbie and just had my first few babys come out of the nest. All has gone well except for 2 little fellas. They are older then some of the babys still in the nest yet they are fully feathered. They are still quite small. I had issues with them jumping out the box and realised that they were at the age where really they should be out abd flying. The thing that struck me is that they feed them selfs on the ground no worries and they are happy. They cant fly but roost on a little branch i got in the cage. Im more wondering what to do with them if they are deformed. I planned on waiting and seeing how they go. Thanks kane



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They're feather duster budgies. Don't breed the parents again, they will sadly die young. Their feathers will be very long and curly.

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