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My Budgies Wont Go In Their Nest Box Anymore

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I have 8 budgies in a 2 metre tall 1metre length and 1 metre width. I have 4 males and 4 females and 3 breeding boxes high up in the cage (i only have 3 because 2 of the budgies are 2 months old)

2 of my pairs were in healthy condition going into their breeding boxes 2 weeks after buying them. But i had made the mistake of thinking they needed nesting material so i put shredded newspaper in and they never went back in . I took the news paper out a week and half ago and have never seen them go in their again. They are outside my veranda in shade get the right amount of lighting a day and no known predators near bye. They are also out of the wind. Please help me 

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First of all don't assume that just because the hens are very young that they wont breed, they can breed under 6 months old and having them in with the other birds may well stimulate them to breed. Second thing, in an aviary breeding situation you need to understand that the risks of hens going into other boxes and fighting other hens and destroying chicks is high, they are best separated and bred as pairs. If aviary breeding you need to be very vigilant and check on them a few times a day if possible to make sure they are sticking to their own boxes. Any trouble makers should be removed immediately. I would have double the boxes that you have hens to avoid fighting as much as possible. If you still want to aviary breed I'd remove the young hens. Then remove the boxes and clean them out. Wait for a couple of weeks and then put the boxes back in to try again. Assuming your birds are in breeding condition they will probably get excited and go investigate straight away. Keep in mind the hot weather though, as it gets very hot in those boxes so once the heat kicks in its best to rest your birds.


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