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Baby Budgie Not Eating Hand Rearing Mix Or Seed

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Hi, newbie here! I bought home a 4 week old hand reared budgie from the breeder yesterday, he said it would need to be spoon fed for another week approx. he's not eaten anything since leaving the breeder yesterday lunchtime! He's trying seed but not cracking it, I've tried handrearing mix several times a day but he's not interested. I've got some fruit and veg on the floor of his cage too. I'm not sure how long he can keep this up for, unfortunately the breeder is not returning my emails (only form of contact)! Need advice please, this little guy had a rough 24hrs with the breeder clipping his wing too short, he lost a lot of blood and I was so worried we would lose him overnight!

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The food isn't to runny & cold is it?

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