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Female And Male

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  I bought a female and male budgie quite a few months ago, and at first they were doing fine. We got them because they were grooming each other in the pet store. After a few weeks, though, the female started to chase around the male. I thought they were playing until she tried to peck at him. I didn't pay too much attention. Then soon after I noticed they squawked really loudly, as if they were yelling at each other. They fought to a point where both would nearly fall off the perch. When the male tries to eat, someone the female would come over and he would back off. Other times they share. They also cuddle when they're sleepy, and talk to each other in normal toned squawks. I got really concerned when the female was covered in a pinkish substance around her beak. I didn't know if it was blood or dye from her toy, but it was there for quite a while. Please help. I don't want any to get hurt any further. I also have not tamed them and taught them how to get used to my hand. They always fight. 

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