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Beware Of Mite Treatment For Your Budgie

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my budgie had respiratory disease and the vet gave him antibiotics but he was still breathing irractically so a friend put me on to the bird care company who suggested that  mite treatment called invermectin 0.1% drops spot on anti parasite treament.they told us to put 1 drop on the back of his neck once a week.by the second night my budgie started to have fits it wasnt untill we had put the drop on for the second time on the second week we realised his fits were getting bad.it states that a serious reaction can cause death if you use it for collies,old english sheep dogs,tortoise and turles but highly recommended for budgies we was told by the bird care company it had 98% success rate of getting him better instead it killed him by the 3rd day on the second week we had to put him down because his fits were so bad he was suffering i am broken hearted he was my baby.i put my trust in a company that killed my baby.

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