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Hey there,

first of all, please excuse my english gramma... I'm not using my English very often, so it's a little bit rusty and sometimes my brain squieks in order to find the right words... ;) 


Basicly im am here to learn something about the colorful genetic varieties hidden behind every budgie matching :) Right now my 2x2x0,70 meter sized Cage is filled with 1.3 Budgies. Also i have a couple which is breeding right at the moment, 3 nestlings and two more eggs to hatch. They all living in our living room so there are no more tv nights... :D

I also already discovered the bad part of all the breeding. The last hen (breeding was unexpected, in a dark corner) stopped feeding there baby's after 10/7 days and till I recognized that there is something going wrong the little of them had already been dead, and as always it had been a Sunday so there where no Store open to get some food... So I had put the older one back to her in the box, cause she was still sitting on an egg hopeful she will start over again and it looked good, at first... But in the morning she had been sitting on her dead baby:( This was really sad... There is know sitting a box of food right at the front of our food storage, as you can bet. This won't happen a second time in my house... 

Hm, what else i have to tell you... Well, if there's anything more you want to know, just ask ;) 

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Fishbone for calcium and beak trimming.I suggest before you continue breeding read up the hows and donts and dos of breeding in this site and on the Internet. Babies and parents can also die from other things than lack of food. First a Budgie needs Calcium to produce eggs. For that they need direct sun also and not through a glass; fresh air; and fresh fruit and veg. I feed my birds Swiss chard/ spinach and apple and sweetcorn on the cob. They also need mineral block and cuttlebone for calcium. I mix Canary seed with normal budgie millet seeds. Mine also like Safflower, Sunflower and Groats. Otherwise your bird will just get fat and unhealthy. They need variety seed for different oils.

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