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Show budgies with normal budgies

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Hey all, I hadĀ 6 budgies, 3 males and 3 females, in a big outdoor aviary (out of the weather) then one morning I went out thereĀ and 1 of the females had died. A couple of the other budgies had ruffled feathers and didn't fly away when i go close to them, which they normally do. They all ended up being alright but one day while I was outside I saw a pair, male normal budgie and female show budgie, mating. I was wondering if its alright for a show budgie and a normal budgie to mate? So far they have laid three eggs of the course of 5 days. The are all a little over a year old. None of them have bred yet.

Thanks! :)

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"Show budgies" are a human term. They are just regular budgies with fancy markings. The "normal" and the "show" will be fine. :)

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