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Hand Rearing Budgies

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Hi all,

I am a novice breeder and I currently have 9 budgies in a large outdoor aviary. I have one breeding pair at the moment that have just layed 5 eggs and was wondering if I could hand rear one of the chicks. I have been doing some research but would love to hear any advice from you guys. Things like what age to pull the chicks and how to keep/house the young budgie and any other important things to know. Thanks in advance :)

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Hi. I don't like to take budgies away from their parents unless the have stopped feeding them.


I prefer to handle them each day in the nest. I cant really tell if there is any difference in their personalities.


I do find that some birds are more friendly than others.


I would leave them with their parents and let them decide which one wants to be with you when they fledge.

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