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Budgie Molt - How Long?

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Hi everyone, I am wondering if any of you could advise how long my budgie will molt for? He's (I assume he's a he) a year old now and currently going through his second molt, but this one seems to be going on forever (two months now anyway), and it's irritating him, I am sure of it...poor little thing looks like Pinhead out of the movie Hellraiser or something - bless him! He's still beautiful to me, but I can see it's annoying the heck out of him, so I'm hoping it'll not be too much long now, surely? Can anyone advise?

Many thanks everyone.

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Hi, I was told that young budgies in their first year molt several times. I just wonder if it is just one continuous molt with down periods, because sometimes it seems that way. Feathers flying everywhere.

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