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English Budgies

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Hi breeders

As I explained in the topic about English budgies mating in the box.....

About 3 days later my female that is sitting on eggs throws an egg out of the nest.

When I go to pick it up its just bursts.

Is she doing this because she doesn't like the egg??

They are in a cage not the avairy because they attacked and ate the eggs of my cockatiels.

They are also trying too get back too the avairy, pacing up and down the cage trying too get into the avairy.

Should I put them back in the avairy when they still have a clutch??

I feel that I'm being cruel by keeping them in a cage away from the other budgies when they really want too get back in there and be free of flying.

I need some advice about English budgies. I also need advice on if I should put them back too fly and be free or just keep them in a cage all squashed up.

If I put them back in will they kill the young baby that just left the nest?

Thank You

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