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Hi to all,

So yes, I too am new and would love some advice. I have had my male parakeet (Flicker)

{color-olive&yellow/black} for 18 months and he is nearly 2 years old. In March of this year I acquired another one, whom I also thought was a male (Flint) due to his color {white-ice blue}, WRONG!


As many things started to change in her behavior I had her checked and in fact this sweet little boy is a sweet little girl. Well, they have bonded wonderfully and are so sweet together it's no wonder she began brooding. So after much research and concern for her young health I decided to use the "Dummy Eggs" and within a day both of them calmed down and in fact went straight in to caring for these eggs.


So my question is, my birds have a large play cage that they spend the days in downstairs with the family. Every evening between 7:00-8:00 pm they move to a smaller cage and retreat upstairs to our bedroom where it's calm, quiet and they can get 10-12 hours of rest daily. We're 4 days in to the eggs which, of course are in the day cage, and they haven't been upset about leaving in the evening but should I keep them with the eggs at night?


Any feed back is appreciated.


Thanks for the help & sorry for grammar or spelling error in a bit of a rush.

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