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Is It okay To Move Baby Budgies To A New Nest?

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We were told that a nest we had gotten for our parakeet would be fine for her to lay eggs but now that they are hatching I really think the nest might be too small. So far three have hatched and there are still two more eggs. I have seen this nest now at pet stores and it is one of those that says it it for chewing, very small and just long in length. Im just scared some of the babies wont survive if the nest is too small. Any advice please?

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Hello Roxanarios. Moving nests is fine, I move mine as to clean the nest boxes. I find, if I only empty and get rid of poo etc, it just gets really gross, so I replace the nest box and do a thorough clean of the used one. Just ensure that you are gentle, and not to take too long, as this can obviously distress parents and chicks. Let us know how it's going =)

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