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2 Budgies, 1 Chest Going Bald

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I am new to this site, Hello Guys.

I have 2 budgies, Oscar she is 4 and oakley he is 1. This past week i have noticed that Oscar has been losing her chest feathers and is now going bald. Oakley is showing no signs of this happening yet. Oscar is a happy budgie and they have toys to pay with and are not in a draughty place or where they are being scared. Can anyone shed any light on it please. I have a picture but do not know how to attach it


Many thanks

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Not sure about this one...Are they new birds have you had them together long? (maybe one is a feather pucker)Do you regularly treat for mite?

I would suspect a feather pucker, Maybe its frustration from wanting to breed. Try feeding gum tree branches with leaves as it will give them something else to chew on.

Perhaps a bigger cage might be in order...

Hope this helps.

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