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Hi Sorry If Boring Just Boasting :) He He

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Hi everyone thought id introduce myself kinda ;) im fairly new here i have noticed its not as busy here as it once was i have only found this forum in september anyways lol


Im brooke im 24 and have just started breeding very small scale (only one pair lol) i have hand raised for many years for friends but since moving havnt had the chance my budgies are breeding for me now after perchesing them from diff places about 9 or so months ago i have my very forst baby who seems to be thriving sadly had one baby die as he was hatching out :( still 7 eggs to go not sure whats fertile and whats not as i didnt have a torch i can use and hen if very skittish but i do,do twice day checks on baby who has hatched anyways heres a couple photos hope they work ;)


First picture is mum sitting tightly on the eggs and baby is under there somewhere lol

20150804_160830_zpspokofrwt.jpg this is dad he is a very good father :)


PhotoGrid_1444460932691_zps7l3fcbif.jpg and this is baby day of hatch and day 5 today :) his eyes are starting to open also, its so awesome watching them grow from egg :) i do have another male but he is not a breeder yet he has just come of age but he is more a pet (for now lol) i dont have a photo of him on photo bucket yet only learning how to do all that stuff lol :)

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How beautiful - just adorable!

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