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Baby Budgies - Gender Help

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Hi All,


My first ever baby budgies are almost 6 weeks old now and am I was hoping someone could confirm their genders?


Thanks, much appreciated :)


Budgie 1 (female?)




Budgie 1(female?)




Budgie 2 (female?)



Budgie 2



Budgie 2



Budgie 3 (male?)



Budgie 3



Budgie 3



Budgie 4 (male?)



English Budgie Baby (male?)





The English budgie has such a lovely temperament, is very placid, and happy to sit on my finger and get head scratches all day; Budgies 1 & 2 are absolute biting machines and will not get off my hand when I change their food and clean their cage; Budgie 3 is quite placid and happy to be scratched on the head; and Budgie 4 is somewhere in between.


They all have such different little personalities!

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Beautiful looking babies, I have a feeling all are males but the first 2 have that touch of white around the nostrils that could mean female. I'm going with all males, it'll be interesting to see in a couple of weeks

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Thanks :)


The touch of white around the nostrils of budgies 1 & 2 is why I am a bit confused about their gender and thought maybe female.


That and the fact they are such 'biting machines' made me think female, though the biting may just be a baby budgie thing and not a gender thing?


Those two even tried to attack my phone camera when I took the photos and were literally hanging off the front of it. lol. I should have posted those photos ;)


The other three baby budgies are much more laid back and happy to be handled.


Will post some more pictures in a week or so and see if the genders are any clearer then.

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The biting thing does often indicate females, but not necessarily. I see all male budgies in your photos. :)

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