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Feeding "trill" - Is There Anything Better?

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Hi Everyone..


I have generally fed my budgies "Trill" Budgie food as their main source of seed, but I have often wondered, "Is there something that is better"..?


I must admit that I have had some concerns in regard to the consistency of the Trill seed, especially when I could see my budgies "seemingly" avoid seed that has come from a new packet/box...


I will only have one bird, so buying large bags of individual seeds and mixing my own is just not economically viable..


Would I be better off buying a seed mix from a Petshop??


Also, how long does seed stay "Fresh" for??





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Do a sprout test. Get a container and some cotton balls or something and wet it all then sprinkle in some seeds and keep it all wet. If most of the seeds sprout then you're all good.

Now keep in mind that seed is not at all adequate as a full diet. They need budgie pellets too (I use vetafarm) and lots of fruits and vegge. Grass is often appreciated too.

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