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Rip Cuddles

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Hi Everyone,


I am new to this forum. My family and I are long time budgie lovers but are amateurs and are still learning.


Our pet budgie who was not quite 2 years old suddenly dropped dead late yesterday afternoon. He was perfectly fine, no signs of ill health - he was eating, drinking, playing etc. And my daughter heard a thud and found him on his tummy on the bottom of the cage. He was struggling to get up, his wings trying to flap but couldn't. His legs weren't working either. It was only a minute, max, by the time I picked him up in my hands and he stopped struggling as soon as I touched him and died.


It was such a horrible shock for the kids and I. What would kill a bird this fast? Prior to this, his cage was outside hanging on the wall (where he always hangs out during sunny days). My house had been cleaned while he was outside by my auntie but I am pretty sure she didn't use any chemicals because she knows I don't like them.


The only thing I can think of is he was bitten or stung by something but I couldn't find anything in the cage - that was the first thing I checked for.


Could a disease of some sort do this? One minute, healthy and the next dead?


We are so sad for our little man :(((

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I'm very sorry for your loss. Its very hard to lose a beloved pet so suddenly like this.


Was your budgie puffy at all?


It could have been anything, If your budgie was suddenly startled it could have suffered a heart attack.

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