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Budgie Breeding

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I now have five babies, and a possible sixth to arrive tonight… hopefully morning brings a new baby! So far:

#1 Hatched 22nd November

#2 Hatched 23rd November (it looks like it is much younger than #1, probably because it went without food for a while…)

#3 Hatched 25th November

#4 Hatched 27th November

#5 Hatched 30th November

#6 … 2nd or 3rd December???


Still noticing the babies having dried stuff on their faces, only #1 and #2, and today #1 had a bit in its eye… So I take them out each day to check on them.


I also have been recording weights on odd occasions.


29/11/13 (7 Days) – 14g

2/12/13 (10 Days) – 21g



2/12/13 (9 Days) – 15g



29/11/13 (3 Days) – 5g

30/11/13 (4 Days) – 7g


As you can see, I am a bit concerned that #2 both looks and weighs significantly different from its nestmate that hatched only the day before… will have to see how it goes.


Here are some photos:

Baby #1 (30/11/13):



Baby #1 (2/12/13):baby1111.png




Baby #1 and #2 (2/12/13):11122.png




Baby #2 (2/12/13):baby222.pngbaby2223.png





Baby #3 (2/12/13):









Mikayla :)

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Oh, they all look beautiful. You are doing a great job Mikayla.

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Hi Mikayla. I think you may find the mess on your chicks faces is food where the parents have been messy feeders. I lost two chicks earlier this year where it happened in the evening and the chicks missed their night feeds. If I had my time again I would supplement those chicks with hand rearing mix unless the parents fill their crops again very quickly. I found the gunk peeled off easily once dampened. Your chicks are lovely. I hope they keep going strong.

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