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Twelve Babies And Counting...

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JD3843    0

My three female budgies (Ames and The Twin Mothers) have all decided they wanted to breed this time around and have given me a heart attack in the process. Instead of just four or six babies hatching, I have a total of twelve and their might be more to hatch.


The Twin Mothers (Bee and Gee) have hatched nine babies so far. That brings their total of babies this year to twelve with their eldest children, Frank, Percy and Lorien turning eight, nine and ten weeks old. I really wish they wouldn't share a nesting box so I could tell whose babies are whose. And to make matters more completed Bee has paired up with a different male this time around so how the babies turn out is anyone's guess.


First time parents Ames (F) and Crackers (M) have hatched three little babies with two more eggs maybe to hatch. As far as I can tell Ames is feeding the babies and all looks good for the babies to survive.


This time last week I only had nine budgies, now I have twenty-one. Guess I won't be needing that trip to the pet store to buy more budgies after all. Well not until the babies are out of the nesting boxes.

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Phoebes    0

I thought six was a handful. It must be beautiful to watch. :) Hopefully we will get some photos of the babies. Looking forward to seeing the little ones.

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