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Yogurt In The Diet

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Bird Junky    0



If it works on mice & men It should work on birds.

While browsing through a copy of the,'SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN', magazine. I thought this

may be of interest to forum members... Check it out at ScientificAmerican.com

It seems that a study by the, Massachusetts Institute of Technology was undertaken about

the effect of yogurt on obesity in mice.

To cut a long story short, the results from feeding the following where....

Group 1, a nutritious shop bought mouse food. Group 2, junk food, table scraps etc.

Group 3, half nutritious & half vanilla yogurt. Group 4, half junk & half vanilla yogurt.

The results showed that. Groups 3 & 4 were glossier coated,. fertility was increased.

Litters were larger with a higher survival rate. Group 3 naturally scored higher than Group 4.


In ongoing work by a team of, Harvard nutritional epidemiologist. Working on the fertility in

men found their preliminary findings are consistent with the mouse experiments......B.J.

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robyn    0

Well B.J. if it works on mice & men !!, I did read (never tried it so far) if a newly hatched chick hasn't been fed, you can give it natural yogurt as first feed,until parents take over etc, maybe if someone did an experiment with breeding pairs, in a lead up to breeding. Mixed with soft food etc in preparation for breeding season maybe it could help to show if it's of benefit. Not being that way inclined myself, I pass. Interesting though.

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Finnie    0

It's probably from the active cultures such as lactobacillus in the yogurt. They do say those are good for your digestion. I imagine it would be good for birds and mice, too.

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L__J    0

you know the doctor has told me eat yogurt for my stomach pain I have been getting.


It kills a bacteria.


So it could kill bacteria in birds. I dunno if them studies have been done though.

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maz7    0

I found this interesting. Can Budgies even eat plain yoghurt. ? I have a bird battling with his digestion. Hard poops or watery poops.he stresses terribly with being in a cage or aviary with other birds. I keep him alone in a cage now and he improves; but he is forever sick. Unfortunately I bought him from a shop like that and he was sick from day 1.he vomits or poops and sounds raspy at times. He s a beautiful yellow and bright green.with black markings under chin. I've named him Rasta and have had him for about a year. I put him out in the sun now (DIRECT SUN) most mornings when it does not rain in Cape Town for the Vit D 3 factor.most of my cages go out and the Avery gets direct and filtered sun.i also feed them spinach and Swiss chard and corn on the cob, apple and beetroot leaves. All other fruit and veg is wasted on them.

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