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Dedicated To Charlie

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It has been over a year since my favourite budgie sadly passed away,


He was like my son, or another brother he was very special.


When he passed away I found myself sitting in my bedroom, with


nothing to do because he wasn't here to say hello every afternoon.


Then there was those crazy little moment when he slept in his food,


even though he had everything he needed to sleep in he just wanted


to sleep there, it was as if he just was saying it was his food. I have


often thought about him while I whistle If you're happy and you know


it to my new budgie. But he has done well, he made me Budgie_Mad.


GOOD BOY CHARLIE. ( as he said when he was praised) lol.

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Yes, the first ones are always special. Plus, they are the ones who start us on our way to this crazy addiction! :)

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