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Question About Competing Websites

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Hi Daz and Kaz just a question. I put up a topic "Lentra Direct" and it said I couldn't because it was competing with this site. This site doesn't sell stuff, so how is that competing?

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Dillster, I have split this question off into a topic of it's own, as you had placed it inside someone else's thread. :)


Usually a competing website would have a forum similar to this one attached to it. That would be my guess as to why it was not allowed.


I have checked that website, and it doesn't seem to have any forum associated with it, and I couldn't see any other reason it would be considered "competing". Dillster, did the message tell you it was not allowed, or just that it would be pending approval from the moderators?

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Your topic is there..........you just dont know how to find where you put it............. http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/index.php?showtopic=31170&st=0&p=369365entry369365


all of these kinds of things need moderator approval to " appear" thats all. I approved it the same day you posted it and its been visible all along :blink:

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