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Bringing Home A Pair With Eggs?

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one thing to consider about the warmth is that i live in cairns. its hot here. i dont want to overheat him either.


the father has nothing at all to do with the chicks. he doesnt go in the box at all, doesnt feed any chicks, nothing.

otherwise i have read that people in this situation remove the hen and the cock will care for them.


i did a little bit of googling hens plucking.... i didnt find a very nice one. one lady had a mother eventually kill her chick.

the only good stories are because their cock would care for them or that the hen was just plucking their down. but my hen is now pulling his pin feathers and drawing blood.


i thinki will pop him in over night and take him out early morning.


i just spoke to my boyfriend and he said that his dad will love this. he used to breed pigeons.

he will like seeing a little baby.... not as in he will love that its being hurt etc.


his poor little wing is red from the blood. i can see a very loose pin feather and spots where pin feathers have been plucked.


he is very sweet. he is sleeping in my hand now. a sweet little warm ball.

hopefully he will be okay in there tonight.


i dont know about rubbing stuff on them. what do you think?

birds are so delicate, especially ones so young.

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here is the link that is on here with the dettol http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/faqs/index.php?action=artikel&cat=8&id=58&artlang=en and the other one I read a couple of days ago on a FB budgie page and they side it worked. Neither of them would harm the chicks.

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Thank you Nadene.

well, it looks like im going to have to give that a go.

this morning she has started to get pretty severe with all 3.

i have just weighed them.

oldest is 22g

our little guy i took out yesterday is 18.6g,

and the youngest bub is 13g.


mum has pulled pin feathers from both the wings and drawn blood on the chick i took out yesterday.

she has been feeding them but then she goes crazy at them all.

chases them all over the box and even sits on them to pluck them and the babies are running scared and screaming when she plucks them.

poor little babies.

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If you think you are able and up to it I would suggest removing them all and handfeeding the lot. She's not going to get any better based on her current behaviour and due to the move she may well be thinking of getting rid of her chicks from the nest and starting again. If Dad was a better father and not a deadbeat Dad then I would suggest he finish raisiing them but that wont happen.

I dont believe in putting stuff all over the babies...half the time that just allows stuff to get stuck to them from the nestbox, and anything fumey isnt good either. As far as vinegar goes the chicks skin is already irritated and I wouldnt add to their misery by putting anything slightly acidic on them .

If budgies can eat chillies with no ill effects I daresay anything slightly vinegar wouldnt deter them either. The fact she flung a chick sideways also makes me believe she will start attacking the chicks to remove them from the box pretty soo.


So like I said if you can and are able to raise them pull them all out and do it now. Remove Mums nestbox so she doesnt lay again..........she may be doing this too because shes fed up and needs a good long rest :)

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Wow, she is really bad :( Follow what Kaz says and take them all out. Maybe your boyfriends dad will be able to help while he's there. I would take the box out too so she doesn't lay again because she had already plucked the eldest chick that the lady kept.

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well guys.

i actually pulled them basically when i posted that comment.

i couldnt take it anymore and by the way she was going i just didnt believe she was going to stop and didnt want to risk anymore harm to them.

they are doing quite well now!

beautiful little babies.

they are feeding pretty well. its just the older one that doesnt seem to eat as much. hes pretty loud too. i think he might miss his mum..


well, they will be coming to work with me. i have checked with my boss and shes fine with it.


it really is a shame about the dad. :/


you have very good points there KAZ.


yep, i wont be breeding from her! but i do have a very lovely show budgie i have found in mind for the dad. just wish he was a better dad! at least he helped by feeding mum..


i am feeding the chicks roudybush formula 3.

how hick/runny would you say it should be for these guys?

i have been giving it to them fairly runny.

especially when i feed the younger one.


im pretty dissapointed with the lady i got them from.

its obvious she has been plucking all of the babies for a while.



they are strong babies. very curious too. :)

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Runny is good :D

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Thanks Kaz. :)

you know how you are pretty sure youve got it right, but you just need to hear it from someone else? yeah. lol

i will have to make a new thread tonight and upload pics from last night and this morning, they are growing fast!

the older one is good with his feeds now, he just likes it about 2 degrees hotter than the other two. lol

they are doing very well, its a big relief.

thank you heaps! :)

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Sooo happy to hear everything is working out. Well done :D

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Well done Rochelle, it's a shame you have to hand feed but at least you should have some lovely chicks from it. Here's hoping all their feathers come through as normal.


Dad may be an okay Dad with a new hen, maybe he was "henpecked" as well. l.o.l good luck with chicks and keep us updated.

I'm watching my Mum who lays in box and didn't feed chicks this time to see if she's going to feed this lo,t due from the 7th. she's got 6 eggs but I won't have any hens able to take new buds by then so if she fails again I'll have to try handfeeding for the first time.

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i too am very glad its going well! :)


i work in child care and my little baby budgies came with me today. we are going to be doing an on-going learning story with the little guys. the children will get to watch the babies grow and everything.

a lady at my work has raised birds and she breeds her birds.

the whole time i was feeding them she was telling me, its too hot (was even 40 degrees celsius ), too runny, you shouldnt use this formula, its okay to feed it to them cold, you dont need to have them in a box they can be in a cage etc etc. it was very frustrating... :/

i appreciate help and everything, but when i have done my research and someone wont listen to me and is telling me to do the 'big no's no's' it really gets to me. the whole time i was feeding them she was just going on and on and what ever i said shed say "oh no. no, no, no" it really got to me.


its certainly not nice having to hand rear in these situations, but it is very rewarding and a great experience. :)

i hope he will be good with a new hen! he is a great looking boy!


i hope she looks after the chicks!

its very scary having to hand feed for the first time!

the amount of googling, youtubing etc it pretty crazy. lol

its great doing research though, i would watch some youtube videos and be able to see what they are doing wrong. thankfully!


i wonder what these babies will look like..


where exactly should i make a new thread on these guys?

im not really sure..

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Your doing a great job. The formula should be warm, I think I use to make mine around 37 degrees and runny. Keep an eye on there weight and if they are gaining you're doing it right. The box is fine, they will feel safe and warm in there and when they get older I would put the box in the bottom of the cage in case they get a bit brave and go exploring and end up outside the box. :D


There is a topic called Budgie Talk? I can't wait to see more photos as they grow :)

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Aww thanks Nadene :)

I have mine at 40 or a few degrees warmer.

There is another forum and a breeder on there uses the roudybush formula aswell and she says to keep it between 40 and 45.

The eldest chick was pretty picky to begin with. He would polish it off if it was 42 but anything else he would have a little and then he'd shake it out, where as the others would like it at the temp he didn't! Lol

He's not so picky now.


I have been jotting down their weights.... But on different pieces if paper. Lol

I will have to start getting better with it!

If they aren't putting on much weight, would that mean its a tiny bit too runny?

I thi k runny is good for the youngest one ( he just got his pin feathers today!! :)) but a tiny bit thicker for the big babies.


I can't wait to go nuts with all their photos. Lol

But they just don't sit still!! Haha


Is the box okay with a lid?

I have them in an ice cream container and a kid with holes in the lid. (I worry someone may turn in the fan or aircon, and the older baby is getting rather tall! He can pop his head over the edge!)


They are getting so strong! Chick 1 and 2 both perched on my finger today! Without me supporting them. :)

....I'm like a proud mum! Lol


I had better get onto making my OWN post and quit hijacking this one! Lol



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Sounds like your doing all the right things Rochelle, great news, don't worry about being told how to do it from work, agree with her and do it your way, wouldn't want her to say you can't have them at work, I bet the kids will enjoy watching them grow.


Just for future ref ( and to answer your question from waaaay back). in f.a.q. under "care of baby birds in the nest" by Daz I think, there he says you can use natural yoghurt for first feeds and baby rice cereal until you can get hold of hand rearing mix. Worth the read.

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Any more news on chicks Rochelle? pics would be good.

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