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Storm And Melon

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Thought I would start this now.


Few weeks back I set up two pairs.


As all of the ones i wanted to use they where all first timers so i was ready for issues.


Pair one was Makka and Dot. They had started to bond well in the aviary. so I decided to leave them. She laid three eggs, all outside the nest, then after a week laid another two and stopped (again outside) one was in one piece so i put it in the box. She started to sit on it. Then Sunday two weeks ago she laid an egg (again outside the box) with some trouble as i did find some blood. She didn't lay again all that week, so the box was removed, both checked and then returned to the flock. She has laid two more during this week but as her cere is now pale (about to flake off) she will not be set up again until next year.


Storm and Melon however started off a bit bumpy, he wanted back to his girl in the flock and then she didn't seem to be interested.

All up today she has laid 7 eggs. I removed one as it got a small hole in it and the air dried it out (the air pocket was off side and the egg sat on it's point)

2 more look to be died out inside - big air pockets

checking today two eggs have red lines

the last two still show up clear but only one has that 'cream' look of an empty egg when no light is on it making me think it is the latest egg.



storm - Blue/TCB/Opaline


Melon- dark green spangle/blue


Fingers crossed for a TCB baby.

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