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What Does It Mean ?

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Hey guys. My first post, so please be gentle : )


I've been reading about Kaz and her monster budgies (and monster clutches...well done on both fronts) and was curious on what the eye colour was about. Black vs plum vs red ??

Red is an ino specific I'm assuming, but plum ? Cinnamons change eye colour after a few days ? Help ?



Also Kaz was able to sex the chicks while they are still..well pink. Is this a skill anyone can learn ? Help x 2 ?



I can work both of these out AFTER they fledge, ...... but basically I can't wait !!! Any assitance appreciated.

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Hi Stew .........good to have you here :)


I can sex my baby pinkies at such a young age mainly by keen observation. Because I work from home and can check the budgies and nestboxes at any time of the day, I notice the little things...the "signs" . Over hundred and hundreds of chicks and developing a sharp eye I can sex my youngsters from a very very early stage BUT there will always be one or two that can fool you :(

Red eyes you can see the second they hatch.....kind of looks like they have no eyes at all...the red blends with the pink skin tone. Even though eyes are shut you see the colour under the skin of "eyelids". Red eyes is anything INO....albino, lutino, and it can also be fallow if you are likely to be breeding any of those.

Plum coloured eyes will show on any chick that will be cinnamon, recessive pied, DF Spangles. Black eyes covers just about anything else.

A lot of us like the idea we can work out what they are before it becomes really obvious.

Monster budgies a lot of us here have and a lot of people have bigger budgies than I do too. Its the world of show budgies :D There's "something" about them thats very appealing.

You are another one from Perth ? There's a lot of us here from Perth. I will let you know when there's a budgie club event on if you want to take a look. A budgie auction coming up at the end of the month too.

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Monster Budgies... :) I like that.. 10 1/2 inch budgies are becoming more common these days..


Kaz is very good when it comes to Sexing the young. You can also get the idea of variety. If it is an Opaline it will have white down. Pieds have discolouring on the skin. etc

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With Rats and Mice breeding (for shows) it is possible to sex and tell eye colour at hours old if you know what you are looking for. Black eyes show through, red eyes/ruby eyes show a little and pink eyes you cannot tell. An experienced hand will also be able to tell male and female immediately out of the nest.

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