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lil miss

Difference Between Budgies And Lineolated Parakeets?

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I was reading Birdtalk and they had a section on lineolated parakeets. Just wondering what the difference is between them and budgies? I look at my Chirper and I think that maybe she mite be lineolated rather than a budgie.


Any help would be great!


Lil miss

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Chirper is definitely a budgie. ;)

These are lineolated (barred) parakeets:




Lineolated parakeets have different body structures - their bodies are rounder, their faces are shaped differently. They have big eyes, their ceres do not turn blue or brown, their beaks tend to be pink where budgies have orange. From what I see they have only one base colour that goes throughout their bodies (with black markings on top). They do not get barring around their eyes like a budgie can, nor do they get throat spots or the blue/white slash near their beaks. They also have short fat tails where budgies have long slender tails.





I think they're really cute - like a cross between a budgie and a lovebird :D


Chirper looks different to your other budgies because she is a pied where they are normal. Recessive pieds tend to have less black markings, black eyes and more of the pale colour on their bodies (yellow or white, instead of green or blue). She reminds me of my Milly :(

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Thats really interesting lil miss. I have never heard of Lineolated parakeets before - they are such cuties ;) Thanks for letting me learn something new :D

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