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Budgiebird Hilton .....daily Life In My Aviaries Part 3

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I’m pretty sure that some strains would make better pet Budgies, as in my young bird cage I have a couple of Cinnamon Grey Greens, who I think are brothers. Every time I walk in the door one is on top of my head & when I chase it away, because I’m worried what deposits it may be leaving up there & there’s not much there to disguise it, it is soon back & they sit on my shoulders & even when I go into the cage with my net to catch a bird one of them flies onto the net, usually most birds are scared of it.


When I lean onto the cage wire to watch birds, often I have certain birds come up & chat with me or nibble my arms.


Nice chicks Kaz, I like the colour of that Cinnamon Spangle, I have never seen one with such nice strong Cinnamon in it’s wings, should look a nice bird.

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Awww, they're sweet as... and I LOVE your grey hen :D

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