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Found 8 results

  1. SonicDollz

    My Strange Male

    Hi all! This is my first time posting here, so I hope things go well. Anyway, about my budgies. I own six tame (well mostly "tame") budgies that stays mostly indoors unless it's a nice day outside. I have five females and one male, lucky me . At first I owned two birds, Opal (F) and Storm (M) but then decided to get some more budgies (and a new cage) as I really want to have a go at breeding since Opal and Storm aren't interested. Sadly all my new birds were all girls (for a while I thought one was a boy), Tiki, Jewel, Coco and Jasper (Jasper is my fav). Months after bringing all the budgies into the same cage, I notice Storm was being... well... a love nut to all the girls (including Opal). He would follow them everywhere in and out of the cage, chirp really loud to one of the girls and try to preen them, from that knew he was ready to mate but I had to wait a few more months for a female to be old enough. when I manage to convince to my parents to get a nesting box and materials, I started pairing Storm with Opal (again), Jasper then Tiki, (mostly because they were different colours from Storm) one week at a time to see which one he likes the most. In the end he chose Tiki, which was great because Tiki is a very mean budgie and bites me a lot (hard...) and Opal and Jasper are both my special companion birds, so it's a win-win to me (yay). So with the Tiki and Storm mating, I have the nesting box, lots of seed and green stuff, sun and cuttlefish, the only thing I didn't have right was the cage . Sadly none of Tiki's egg hatched but it was her first time laying eggs. I did eventually put them back with the other birds, most of girls were chasing Storm a bit and nipping his feathers (they weren't attacking) but Tiki developed a nasty habit of attacking me when ever I put my hand in the cage (she even follows me from inside the cage). After about two months I put her back in the "breeding cage" due to her bad behaviour, I also put Storm in there due to him harassing everyone, flying out of cage when ever I open it and I was worried that Tiki would be lonely. I didn't have the nesting box in this time as it was the wrong time of year but they still mated... great. So in the end, I put the nesting box in. But this is where the problem begins. So Tiki starts laying eggs again but it's on the bottom of the cage. They keep on breaking. At first I thought due to Tiki laying on an uneven surface but when I manage to save an egg and placed it in the nesting box, it broke minutes later. I started to think it was Tiki breaking her eggs but she still sits on them (the broken eggs would stick to her and I had to use tongs to get them off due to her nippy) so I decided to watch them closely and to find out that it was Storm breaking the eggs. No, my only male, destroying eggs... why?! But I wasn't going to give up that easily. I've added some stuff in the cage like a hammock thingy and some scrap fabric both on the floor, Tiki seemed happy to lay her egg on the fabric but when she did, Storm would nudge her off the egg and peck a hole in it. The next time she laid an egg, I quickly move him out of the cage and placed him with the others, I also moved the breeding cage away from the window and put it next to the other cage so Tiki isn't lonely. I know it's not the best idea to have nesting females on their own but in this situation I kinda had to. I did bring Storm back in her cage only because Tiki stopped sitting on the eggs (which was later destroyed). After a few days I noticed Tiki sitting in her hammock (it's on the ground) and I found an egg inside. Better yet Storm hasn't found it at that point and when he did, no matter how hard he try's to move Tiki, she or her eggswon't move. I'm so proud of Tiki's new nest and surprised that you don't need a nesting box for budgies. As of today, Tiki has six eggs in her hammock and doing fine. If the eggs do hatch, the earliest it could happen is on 12.8.2017 but because it's winter here it may not happen, we'll just going to have to wait and see. I know that this isn't a question, I just thought it's okay to share this and see if I'm raising my birdies right. With my other birds Jasper gets lots of cuddles and she & Opal come out a lot to keep me company, Coco doesn't like being handled and when I do hold her, she makes this horrible noise and finally Jewel, she's a bit nippy like Tiki but less aggressive and likes being out of the cage (she try's to escape) I also own a baby cockatiel that has lots of personality Thank you for you your time
  2. Hi all! I have 4 pairs of budgies, all 10 months old and are about to start their first cluch! One of them is already sitting on 4 eggs (might be more later)! Now I have another lonely 2 y/o male budgie who is desperately trying to get a female buy since they are all taken he is alone. I am sure that if I get another female he will court her. The only problem is that I am afraid that now when all the pairs are headed to start their first cluches, adding a new budgie will stress them and they might stop the cluch they are about to start, or worse, the pair who is sitting on eggs might abandon them. Remember they all have never had a cluch before so its gonna be their first time. What should I do? Get this female? Wait a bit? Thanks all!
  3. mysixbabies

    2014 Hobby Breeding

    Hi All, I was just reading back over my breeding diary for 2009! What a long time ago that was! Since then I think I have only bred once. Tragically, one of the two chicks that were hatched died unexpectedly and the other escaped from her cage - she was too smart for her own good I say. Anyway, I'm back into it again. For good hopefully. The happy couple are: Aussie DSC_3160.jpeg and Able DSC_3141.jpeg And the beginning of their family: DSC_3159.jpeg Looking forward to them hatching. (Due date...April 5th) Have a good one!
  4. Hellooo, I have just paired up a pair in my new breeding cage and before you say it, yes i have done my research... over 6 months of it Anyway, i paired them up two days ago (yellow lacewing hen with normal green cock) and i was just wondering how long will it be until they start to bond and mate? The male was previously bonded with another partner but i separated him to go with the lacewing, :/ he seems a bit sad and misses her because he tries to find way to get out of the cage since it's in the aviary with the previous female. Could this affect how he bonds with the new female? I have read around that you can expect eggs 8-14 days after pairing? seems a bit quick to me but you never know! Anyway, let me know on what you know! cheers, Willem
  5. willem

    Budgie Eggs Going Cold

    Hi everyone! New to this forum... oh and kinda new to breeding. Yes ive done my research and have been trying to breed for a few months now, my budgies first clutch, the eggs were fertile and she layed about 4 of them, she was two days into the incubation process and she just ignored them? So i thought classic first mum problems (as i had read about them everywhere) so i put the nestboxes back up a few weeks later. All is well and i think she has layed about 4 eggs, (i dont know as i try to go in there as little time as possible) she is about half a week into the incubation process and i noticed that she isnt sitting on the eggs tonight, just in her favourite position in the aviary which is about a 2 metre flight from the nest box... i dont know if she has been startled by one of our cars because the headlights shine on the aviary probably twice a night as the aviary is next to the driveway. The aviary is only quite small, 2m x 2m x 2.5. There are two males and one female and they both feed her and everything like that so i dont know who the father is. Anyway to the question, if she isnt sitting on the eggs tonight for some reason but returns to them at light in the morning will they be alright? Will they still hatch? The temp at the moment is getting down to about 15 degrees celsius (59 farenheit) and gets to a max temp during the day of 25 degrees celsius (77 farenheit). any help would be appreciated, im a first time breeder and just hoping, not expecting much and trying to learn about these birds.
  6. missycjx

    Egg Throwing

    I have an aviary with lots of breeding boxes. One of my females has found a mate and started laying eggs. Today she was due to lay her third. I checked the nest box but only saw one - then I noticed that there were two on the floor of the aviary. One cracked and broken from the drop and the other in tact which I put back in the box. Why are the eggs being thrown out of the box? I noticed that there is another female in the aviary who has been showing a lot of interest in the same next box. She hasnt got a mate but she does go in and out of the next box when the laying hen is not in there. Could she be throwing the eggs out? I have now separated the laying hen and her mate into a breeding cage. She seems content in the nest box and hasnt left the eggs since I brought her in. Does anyone have any advice or tips for me please?
  7. Brigitta

    Budgie Eggs?

    Hi There Desperately seeking assistance in caring for budgie eggs. A brief background: We recently aquired a new restaurant equipped with two avaries. The budgies were removed about 4 days ago by the previous owners. Yesterday we went in to clean the cages before getting birds of our own to put in there and found 4 budgie eggs. I currently have them nestled in a container of cotton wool with a warm lamp at a consistant distance and temperature. Please any advice would be most appreciated. I am currently trying to find out from the previous owners if i could perhaps buy the mom from them, not quite sure if thats the right route to go. Please Help!
  8. My female budgie, Laila, laid her first ever egg on 25 May and went on to lay 7 eggs. Two of them were infertile and 5 hatched. The last of the 5 came out of the nest box abour 4 days ago and so we took off the nest box. Today Laila laid an egg in the cage. We attached the nest box back and placed the egg in there, which Laila burried in the wood shavings. We placed it on top again and she burried it again. Is it normal for a budgie to lay eggs so soon? I really do not want to have any more budgies in my house (already there are 7 now), but I could give them away if they do hatch. Laila is a small bird and doesn't fly much - she can only fly downwards, but not upwards. She is a very active budgie and keeps herself occupied with the toys, but I am worried what impact it would have on her health to be having more babies within such a short time. Would she go on repeating this egg laying process all the time? How can this be stopped? Is it okay if we don't attach the nest box, in which case I guess she won't incubate the eggs and they won't hatch? Thanks for your suggestions and advice.