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    Hello, All

    I'm a former U.S. champion breeder/exhibitor (along with and due in no small part to my late wife) who's getting back into the hobby after a 20-year lay-off. Some things have changed but a lot is coming back to me quickly. Found BBC through a Google search on goldenface budgies. There's no "official" U.S. abbreviation for that mutation so I'm using GF. Do you folks have nomenclature for that type? I presently have a "stud" of 7 birds (two 6-7 month-old cocks and five really young hens) with one pair (GFS cock + CnGy hen) up at the moment and awaiting a DG hen to come into condition before putting her with a GG cock. I hope I'm not pushing them too much. I'm also casting about for more cocks as my remaining hens are all cobalts of one type or another and I love blue-series birds. While I have many contacts here is the States, I feel it never hurts to be in contact with others with whom I share the hobby.