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  1. Skye Lily

    Gender And Age?

    They appear to be two males, about 3-4 months.
  2. Skye Lily

    Male Or Female?

  3. Skye Lily

    Pet Shop Trying To Sell "pink" Budgies

    I learned the hard way not to count you chicks before they hatch. I had a red budgie, but she was actually sick with improper circulation, causing her feathers to be red. She, unfortunetly, died.
  4. Skye Lily

    Budgie Egg Not Hatching

    oh try candling them
  5. Skye Lily

    Budgie Egg Not Hatching

    probably the eggs died. sorry
  6. Skye Lily

    How Do I Tame My Two Budgies??

    I explained a one week process here.
  7. Skye Lily

    What kind of budgies are these please?

    Sorry I really like rainbow budgies, rereading this and I sound like an enthusiastic eight-year-old...
  8. I would help out in the pet shop for the longest time, and the budgies were very scared and not hand-tamed. They would run to the other side of the cage whenever and human came by (they were clipped) and parents would let their kids grab them roughly. I decided to try to hand tame them, and developed a "formula". Day one: take some millet, and sprinkle the chunks (not on the stick) onto the cage, chill there, and leave. Do not attempt to grab them. Day three: Wait by their cage so they're used to you, and repeat the process. Day four: Same as day three. Day five: Wait by their cage for a minute,with your hand in it. Once they relax, put some millet in your hand and wait for them to eat it. Keep it in your hand, and make no sudden movements. Day six: Same as day five, but get farther from them. Day seven: Start teaching them to step up. Make sure no one comes up and scares them, or you may have to start over. Hope this helps!
  9. Skye Lily

    Why Does My Budgie Have A Sore Foot?

    She most likely steped on something, but better safe than sorry. You should put a bandage on it, and trim the nails to prevent in-growth. Also, please reduce your font size. Its rather distracting.
  10. Skye Lily

    New Baby Budgie

    You should take him to the vet
  11. Skye Lily

    Pink Budgie

    I am a breeder. I was breeding a rainbow and a double spangle, and one of the eggs was... instresting. Her brothers wer fairly normal, but once she got her feathers, I noticed she was startling in her red-ness. See: Right: Cookie Left: Magic (because I have found the magic of red budgies)
  12. Skye Lily

    Pink Budgie

    UPDATE! We went out for christmas lunch, and when we came back Magic was curled up, and unresponsive. We rushed her to the vet, and she had a mutation that caused her feathers to turn red from blood vessels. She unfortunantly passed away, and I am not breeding them again. RIP magic
  13. "Show budgies" are a human term. They are just regular budgies with fancy markings. The "normal" and the "show" will be fine.
  14. Skye Lily

    What Type Is My Budgie?

    Oh also cinnamon wing
  15. Skye Lily

    Pink Budgie

    Also, merry christmas from Slate, Crystal, Magic, Pokey, Lila, and Cookie!
  16. Skye Lily

    Pink Budgie

    Nope, budgie is budgie. I plan on attempting to rebreed Leprechaun (my rainbow) and Crystal (my spangle), and if there are anyother reds I will breed them (I know crossbreeding is bad, but this is a red budgie we're talking about!), and maybe reds will be a thing!
  17. Wait for him to get sorta familiar with you, do NOT grab him to clip his wings
  18. Skye Lily

    First Moult

    Usually around 1 year, varies for each bird
  19. Skye Lily

    Chicks In Box

    try moving the chicks to a different cage (if you have one). If not, try putting the eggs somewhere hard to reach by the chicks
  20. Skye Lily

    Sores On Foot

    Try vitamin E ointment, and trim the nails so they dont puncture
  21. Skye Lily

    What Type Is My Budgie?

    Looks like either a *rare* texas clearbody or a bad version of an ino/lutinu green series
  22. Skye Lily

    Miss Me, But Let Me Go.

    My eyes are moist 😭
  23. Skye Lily

    Breeding Budgies

    Budgies live in extremely large flocks, all will be well.
  24. Skye Lily

    Deformed Budgies

    They're feather duster budgies. Don't breed the parents again, they will sadly die young. Their feathers will be very long and curly.
  25. Skye Lily

    Budgie Health

    Just take a vacation day. He should hopefully be fine meanwhile, but be careful. You could do an online vet?