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  1. Skye Lily

    Miss Me, But Let Me Go.

    My eyes are moist 😭
  2. Skye Lily

    Breeding Budgies

    Budgies live in extremely large flocks, all will be well.
  3. Skye Lily

    Deformed Budgies

    They're feather duster budgies. Don't breed the parents again, they will sadly die young. Their feathers will be very long and curly.
  4. Skye Lily

    Budgie Health

    Just take a vacation day. He should hopefully be fine meanwhile, but be careful. You could do an online vet?
  5. Skye Lily

    Cracked Budgie Egg

    SHOULD be fine... depends on how old the budgie was
  6. Skye Lily

    I’m Lost On How To Use This Website. New Budgie Owner

    Just browse and havefun! <script>drawName('I love budgies!');</script>
  7. Skye Lily

    Peculiar Habit

    Lol sorry bad text, i mean Flight can be one of the main problems for boredom habits, including disease,
  8. Skye Lily

    Peculiar Habit

    <b>Lack of flight can be a problem.</b>
  9. Skye Lily

    Purchasing Budgies

    probably a handtaming breeder, i recomend puppiesareprozac
  10. Skye Lily

    What's With Him..?

    i know this might seem counter-productive, but hes probably singing (if you've ever heard me sing you know that screeching classifies as music too) which is often from lonliness. try a friend!
  11. Skye Lily

    What kind of budgies are these please?

    OMG You have a frickin rainbow!!!!!!!!! those are soooooo rare! also lutino, violet. Those are all rare, but i CANNOT get over the RAINBOW BUDGIE ON THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. what handsom young males you have
  13. i agree, but if he's only now turning pink probably just finished first molt
  14. Skye Lily


    Im wishing to buy a budgie, but my parents wont let me. Im responsible, and christmas is coming up. any advice?