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  1. Marvin and Oliver

    Taming 2 Budgies At Once?

    Hey! Yesterday I got two budgies, Marvin and Oliver - I like to call them Marv and Ollie. I heard it's quite hard to tame two budgies at once but I'm determined to do it. Anyone who's managed to tame two budgie at once, do you any advice/tips? How soon should I try letting them out of the cage+ how to hand train them? Thanks for any help x ☺️
  2. Marvin and Oliver

    Is Sunshine A Girl Or A Boy?

    Girl, since her beak is grey 😀 such a cute name!
  3. Marvin and Oliver

    Please Help Me... What Is The Sex Of My Budgies?

    You can tell the gender of your budgie by looking at the colour of the top of its beak. If its blue/purple its male but if its grey then its female x