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  1. Budgiebirdperson

    Multiple Budgie Eggs Hatching At Once?

    Hello, I have a pair of breeding budgies. It is their first time I bred with them. They have seven eggs, the first one was laid on the 17/10/18. Then three chicks hatched 7/11/18 this morning. When I checked on the chicks again this afternoon they were all alive and fed. I don't know if the parents helped the chicks out of the eggs or what happened. The parents (mainly the male) is more protective then he used to be. When I checked on the chicks the male would try to sit on them, he has never done that before (maybe he is being more protective because of the chicks). I was wondering why they all would hatch on one day? Thanks.
  2. Budgiebirdperson

    Is My Female Budgie Upset?

    She might just be singing to herself? It depends on what sound she is making (as different tweets or chirps mean different things). Budgies like to sing or tweet to themselves to comfort themselves and each other, to say there is no danger. I think the chirping is fine, budgies are naturally loud and like to chirp to each other.
  3. Budgiebirdperson

    Eggs Not Hatching

    Have you tried to candle the eggs to see if they are fertile?