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    Blue The Male Budgie

  2. Unicorn fartz

    Is Trevor A Boy?

    Yes, I believe Trevor is a young male! Beautiful bird!🙂
  3. Unicorn fartz

    Lutino Budgie Sex

    Hi Smorgan, I believe that this is female. Beautiful girl!🙂
  4. Unicorn fartz

    What Type Are My Budgies? Are They Both Boys?

    Picture please.
  5. As you suggested the top on IS a hen coming into breeding condition. And the others are males.
  6. Unicorn fartz

    Yellow Red Eye Albino Budgie What Sex

    Up load a picture please.
  7. Unicorn fartz

    Having Trouble Sexing A Budgie

    Looks like a young male to me.
  8. Unicorn fartz

    What Genders Are My Budgies?

    So I have been looking around and I am thinking that I have a male and a female. But I would like to know if anyone has any opinions. The picture of the so called male is on the top and the so called female is on the bottom.
  9. Unicorn fartz


    Hi, I am thinking that my budgie is bearing eggs. Can you maybe give me some tips because I am very new to this. Thanks in advance
  10. Unicorn fartz


    Thanks, will post a video soon!
  11. Unicorn fartz


    We think my budgie is bearing eggs. She looks like she’s doing some weird motion with her head she opens her mouth and Bobs her head up-and-down I’m thing she is practicing regurgitation for when she lays her egg. I don’t know though. Please help. Thanks in advance
  12. Unicorn fartz

    Is My Budgies Is Going To Lay An Egg?

    Hi again, she still has not layed but her poop is getting quite big and she has been sitting on the perch outside her nest box all day. Please give me some tips on what to do. Thanks
  13. Hello budgie lovers, I have had my budgies for about six months and I’m noticing that my female budgie is bigger in the belly. She is also larger and has puffed up feathers by her bum. We think she is going to lay an egg because we have been noticing that the male is feeding her and bobbing his headed for her. They also have been very happy cleaning eachothers feathers recently. I did little research and we think she will lay her eggs soon. Since we are very new to this we were just wondering if you guys have any tips. We gave her nesting box today and her and the male were exploring it. We also gave her some nesting materials such as: shredded paper and some store-bought nesting materials. Right away she took the nesting materials and started to take them down to the nesting box. I was just wondering what you guys think I should do. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks There will be pictures of her down below.
  14. Unicorn fartz

    How To Make My Little Baby Eat Veggies And Fruits

    You can start them eating veggies by slowly putting shredded carrots in with their seed. At first they may eat it accidentally but after while they will start to enjoy the taste of it .