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  1. thanks. HOw much the crop must be filled at least so it does not starve? i dont want to touch the second baby but I afraid its crop is not the half full. I dont know when to intervene, I dont want any chick dies because of me ever again.
  2. hi, cant find anything about this issue. First I gave my bird parrents dry egg food. Then I wet it. But how wet should it be? just damp or dripping wet? And when do I have to refresh it then? thank you
  3. hi i am so heartbroken i cant tell you. My budgie had an infertile clutch. I did candling after 20 days. So long I thought everything is okay, and did not want to disturb her. So I took the eggs away and she started a new clutch. So far so good. I saw fertile eggs I was very very happy. So my first baby hatched. I recognized his empty crop and waited for 24 hours before intervening. Then I saw a little food in her crop. It seemed very few for me. I had no rearing food, so i cooked oatmeal. I took the baby out and we sat next to the heater. So she doest get cold. First the oatmeal was warm, not hot. First she also refused to drink, it was very messy. Then she opened her lil beak and drank. She drank a lot. I recognized some little bubbles in her crop. And then she DIED. First I thought she was sleeping. But there was no movement at all. I put her under her mother. And looked after one hour. It is still not moving. what did I make wrong? what was wrong, how could this happen. Here is the video where I thought she is sleeping. you can see how messy it was. Was it because of oatmeal. I dont gave her the whole grain, just the fluid. Whas it to cold? because it get cold while i was feeding her. Does a budgie die when its cold. Not refrigetor cold but not warm any more.