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  1. Leg Rings

    Might sound like a stupid post, but as a careful hobby breeder, I am trying to establish a simple method of "ringing" my birds proginy. Just trying to keep better track of them, so that close inbreeding is avoided. I have tagged my two breeding pair with separate colors at this stage, and just wondering how to follow up. I have designed my own breeding charts on my computer using Excel, so bird colour wise I should have no problems. Any help would be great appreciated, thank you.
  2. Newbie To Forum

    Just letting you all know who I am. Have had my budgies for some 4 years now, using the same 2 breeding pair all the time. Have recently retired, so I am now starting to try a little bit more selective breeding. Already finding out that it will be a slow process. Joined this forum so that if I may have any problems, I am sure of being able to obtain some help of some sort. I am into the breeding side of it as a hobby rather than show. Looking forward to the company.