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  1. sputnik

    A Few Of My Pets

    Hi, just joined so thought I'd share a few of my pets pictures. I love the markings on this baby
  2. sputnik

    Hi All, Just Joined

    Hi all, I have just joined so introducing myself. have been keeping budgies for a few years as pets, and gradually grown the flock. I now have 20 birds of assorted varieties and quality. Most are pet shop types, with just a few that are slightly better. Perhaps one day I will get more serious and concentrate on breeding, but for now I just enjoy the random permutations and colours of the flock.( I will upload a few pictures to that section of the forum soon). I do find the budgie genetics quite fascinating, predicting the various outcomes of particular pairings. I am thinking of joining my nearest budgie association, and I expect that will lead me down a new path with my budgie keeping. cheers