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  1. Check out my new post! An update on DJ :)

  2. EloiseCook

    Dj Is Back!

    Hi everyone! Unfortunately I have forgotten my login for my old account- it's been years! Very sad to let you know Skye, a beautiful cobalt english budgie has passed away almost a year ago from today. We believe she was suffering bird flu (?). DJ contracted the same disease around 2 months later- yet he survived! We took him to the vet and he got some antibiotics- was a very stressful experience, if you ask me! It's wondrous to be blessed he's still alive, well and continues to be his hyperactive self at nearly 9 years of age (this December.) Now, an update on his new partner! We were lucky enough to introduce a beautiful sky blue spangle opaline to DJ and for them to successfully bond. Here is a (slightly grainy) photo of her, Blue. I'm pretty certain she's a cross between an american parakeet and an english budgie. Now next some news on DJ. He's been doing well- currently so tame he comes out and eats for a little bit on our shoulder and steals food, the usual DJ. He's pretty old, which we keep in mind, but doesn't act like it! Heres a nice photo of him being a goof. Alright. Now onto the BIG news. We currently have TWO, baby budgies in the breeding box! Originally, we started with 4 eggs and a very (very very very) protective mother. One of these eggs was infertile, which was to be expected due to the first clutch. Another one of the eggs was DIS (dead in shell) and it's likely to be because the night we heard him peeping (and watched him!) was a very cool night- unusually cool, a good 7 degrees lower than the usual we've had overnight. Alright, enough of that! Let's the babies, shall we? First we have Number One- an albino! Very rare due to having a yellow based cock AND not a single albino gene! Well... Blue may have had an albino parent, which is actually quite possible... Anyway, here he/she is! This is Number Three- not an albino. I know, I know, you're asking why number three? Well, we didn't want to disregard number two, did we? Anyway, here we have her/him. Any guesses on mutation? Green or Blue based? I have no idea! Would love to get some feedback on how he turns out. Thanks for reading through this, I know it was long! Anyway, any comments? I need help determining mutations of the babies, and maybe even Blue. Cheers, Elle.