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  1. This is the whole clutch from sapphire and smokie
  2. Did my sapphire have any violet in him? The baby spangle is one of his offspring I see some pretty lavender in the baby the gray English budgie is the mom
  3. Oh how I love this color budgie
  4. http://www.nitasnest.com/BudgiesFeb2017.htm click next to move to the next pictures enjoy
  5. This is the photo I would like to use can someone please make sure t is up to this bird requirement thanks kathy
  6. Babies from sapphire and smokie
  7. Here is the diary of sapphire and smokie babies from day 1 hit next to go to the next page http://www.nitasnest.com/BudgiesFeb2017.htm enjoy
  8. Too bad I liked coming here but now it's so quite
  9. Added some new photos from today enjoy
  10. Love your flock you have some great blues
  11. So cute both my kids were around my birds from a very young age
  12. Such nice colors
  13. Hi yourirds in your signature are beautifulĀ 

  14. So pretty did you end up with babies?
  15. So pretty
  16. Wow pretty
  17. So handsome
  18. Great flight shots
  19. Look at this babie so pretty
  20. Hi is there anyone on here any morešŸ˜¢
  21. Here is hopefully a link to the whole album http://smg.photobucket.com/user/kathy5/library/sapphire and sprite 2015/Sapphire babies 2017
  22. http://smg.photobucket.com/user/kathy5/library/sapphire and sprite 2015/Sapphire babies 2017 this is the whole album up until today's photo sorrythere in particular order