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  1. This is the whole clutch from sapphire and smokie
  2. Did my sapphire have any violet in him? The baby spangle is one of his offspring I see some pretty lavender in the baby the gray English budgie is the mom
  3. Budgieholic

    Members Violet Budgies

    Oh how I love this color budgie
  4. Budgieholic

    Sapphire babies from day one

    http://www.nitasnest.com/BudgiesFeb2017.htm click next to move to the next pictures enjoy
  5. Budgieholic

    Sapphire babies

    Here is the diary of sapphire and smokie babies from day 1 hit next to go to the next page http://www.nitasnest.com/BudgiesFeb2017.htm enjoy
  6. Budgieholic

    Is This Forum Really Still Active?

    Too bad I liked coming here but now it's so quite
  7. Budgieholic

    Sapphire babies

    Added some new photos from today enjoy
  8. Budgieholic

    My Birds

    Love your flock you have some great blues
  9. Budgieholic

    How Cute Are These Two?!

    So cute both my kids were around my birds from a very young age
  10. Budgieholic

    My Budgie

    Such nice colors
  11. Hi yourirds in your signature are beautiful 

  12. Budgieholic

    Latest Additions

    So pretty did you end up with babies?
  13. Budgieholic

    2 New Budgies :)

    So pretty