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  1. km1802

    Is My Budgie Having Late Puberty?

    Thank you so much, this explains everything
  2. Two years ago I recieved a baby budgie as a birthday present. She has always been affecinate and always begging for attention until now. Now my bird won't talk much and bites or flies away when given attention. On another note I have never seen any signs of my budgie molting or changing colours even at the first few months of having my budgie. But last week my budgie has lost more feathers than usual and her belly feathers look very messy. Also my budgie is sleeping more often. I have read up that budgies go through puberty after 3-5 months of it being a baby. But in the first 3-5 months there was no difference in my bird's appearance or behaviour. Is my bird going through late puberty or is it something serious? My bird is overweight but is losing weight thanks to speciel pellets. However I am not sure if that has influenced her behaviour.