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  1. Denv12

    Adelaide Guy Just Joined Here.

    I got it wrong.The tray does slide out.I had it in the wrong place after I cleaned it.I saw one online that was the same and figured out where I got it wrong. Thanks.
  2. I've just been searching online trying to find some cages.I found a few. Dealsdirect have 39cm rectangular white cage. RSPCA online shop have a "Joy" Budgie Flight Cage.I like this style of cage.These require assembling.They seem to be a popular brand.I've seen them around before over the last few days.Their bird toy range is incredible.You could spend up big if you werent careful. The cage I have right now which was a 2nd hand cage and I cleaned it thoroughly,is referred to as a budgie cage villa.Its a good size.I just discovered that I put the tray in the wrong way.I thought you had to pushthe sides of the cge in a little for the bottom of the cage to separate.Not so.The tray was in the wrong place.It does slide out after all.That then makes cleaning a breeze and that means its safe so birds dont get out.I havent bought any yet. I cleaned this cage out using a spray bottle with sugar soup diluted with water then scrubbed it,then rinsed it under water.I then used a dishwashing liquid to wash it again the rinsed it then left it out in the sun to dry. I'm open to advice please.Thank you.
  3. I'm looking at buying 2 budgies at some point.Either 2 males or 2 females.I dont want 1 of each. As for colour,I have 2 favourites: 1)Yellow and either dark green or yellow and light green. 2)white and blue.Not the dark blue but the opaline or the bright blue. I dont want a mixed colour bird. I'm in Adelaide.I need to find a reputable shop/aviary who could choose 2 budgies and deliver.Bit lost there.Need advice.I'm 15 minutes friom CDB. Thanks.
  4. Even though I have a cage I bought cheaply and its a good size it doesnt seem safe for cleaning though.The sides have to be pushed in to release the bottom of the cage so that the tray can be dropped out to be cleaned.Not exactly a safe measure.I like the cages back in the 70s and 80s that had a metal slide out tray over the bottom of the cage.You slid that ou to clean the cage.The bird couldnt get out.Never had a bird try to break out in those cages either. Due to a disability I dont travel.I need to find somewhere who offers a deliver service.I'm 15 minutes from city centre. I like the longer cages as opposed to the shorter/taller cages.A cage that is long and tall would be good and is easy to clean.A slide out tray would be a bonus. Thanks.
  5. I'm new to the forum but not new to owning budgies.The last budgie I owned was a female back until 1983.I havent owned any since.Its time I started doing something about it.I have bought a cage cheaply.Its a standard cage.The problem is more to do with cleaning.You push the sides in to release the bottom of the cage.I'm used to the tray that slides out from the side.The birds cant get out so its safe.I'm tempted to buy a cage like that again.I like the longer cages as opposed to the short but taller cages. Here's what I would like to do. Buy 2 bugies,either 2 males or 2 females.1 will be light green/yellow or dark green/yellow.The other would be a blue and white.I dont think I will have 1 male and 1 female. I need to find a shop that delivers.