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  1. Budgie_Smuggler

    Members Violet Budgies

    I'll add to this collection with some of my Violets This is one of my babies (Apr-2014) This is Grimace This is Marg This is my new boy (Unnamed)
  2. Budgie_Smuggler

    Members Texas Clearbody Budgies

    I thought I'd add to the collection with 'Khaleesi', my Opaline Texas Clearbody
  3. Budgie_Smuggler

    Hi From Melbourne

    Hi guys. Just an update on my babies. I have attached a picture with all babies and parents for your perusal Only 1 survived the second clutch out of my Violet Hen and the blue Opaline Spangle Cock. I have accumulated a few more birds since my last post. I have uploaded pics in Photobucket which you can check out in my sig. I don't want to flood the site with pics of my birds
  4. Budgie_Smuggler

    Rolling Budgie

    Here's a clip of my YF Hen having a roll after mating I apologise for the poor quality. https://www.youtube....h?v=K9wCtE4Fz6w
  5. Budgie_Smuggler

    Hi From Melbourne

    Thanks Ange. It's a pleasure to e-meet you. I'm glad I'm not the only person going to extremes with breeding I appreciate the warm welcome (although it's cold in Melbourne too) and thanks for the compliments on my birds. I will take more pictures and I'm currently uploading a funny vid on YouTube. Well maybe it's not funny to an experienced fancier but I'm sure you'll all let me know if it's a problem My YF1 Hen was having a roll around after her first mating with the big grey fella She seems healthy and happy and both parents are very active in caring for each other and their chicks I'll post the link in the funny section when it's done. Cheers, Jim.
  6. Budgie_Smuggler

    Hi From Melbourne

    Good morning all. I'm Jim from Melbourne. I have been reading/studying about Budgies for over 16 months now and have recently aquired a few birds to join my family. I have 2 pairs with new eggs/chicks which are still hatching, and some young 'Rainbow' (or similar) birds for future possible pairings. I had budgies, cockatoos and lovebirds when i was much younger but only as pets. I would firstly like to thank the BBC site owners and its members for providing me with loads of information to help me make informed decisions with pairings and general health/husbandry etc... My background is breading/breaking/training horses for various fields including Thoroughbred racing, Dressage, Pony Clubs etc... I was also a professional bullrider but I'm getting too old and my injuries took too long to recover I have decided to go with a safer option, and a lot more peaceful. I am not breeding budgies for show or money. I have a full time job to pay for food/meds/toys/aviaries. I just love the look of the various colours and mutation combinations, and I adore their tunes! I'm enjoying the learning curve when it comes to genetics in budgies which is a whole new ball game compared to breeding horses! I will rarely ask questions as most of them are usually answered here and on other related sites (thanks again BBC). I followed the uploading guidelines and will attempt to upload pics below. Regards, Jim. This is my Violet Hen (Marg). I'm not sure if she is SF or DF or even if she's Cobalt/Sky Blue. I'm finding it difficult to understand the dark factors etc, and the pics look a bit different than to the human eye. All of her previous chicks are a light Violet when she was paired to a Sky Blue Opaline Spangle. (Similar to the blue Cock below) Sky Blue Opaline Spangle This is my FY2. I'm not sure if he's a GF as his face is much brighter when he's next to any other YF in the Aviary. This is my Grey Opaline Spangle Cock with my YF1 Hen. They currently have 6 chicks in the nest